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SPCC Color Prepainted Corrugated Metal Steel PPGI Steel Roofing Sheet

Pressed corrugated steel sheet (roofing sheet) refers to the steel sheet formed by cold pressing or cold rolling. The steel sheet is made of coloured steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminium sheet, anticorrosive steel sheet or other thin steel sheet.

Product information

The profiled steel sheet has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low price, good seismic performance, fast construction and beautiful appearance.The corrugated metal is a good building material, mainly used for guardrail, floor and other buildings, such as airport terminal, railway station, stadium, concert hall, grand theatre, etc. According to different application requirements, the profiled steel sheet can be pressed into a wave type, a T type, a V type, a rib type and the like.

Material DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, SGCC, SPCC
 Thickness 0.12 ~ 1.0mm / BWG/AWG / Gauge
Width (after corrugated) 600 ~ 1050mm 
Zinc Coating Z30 ~ 275g
Paint Top 12 ~ 35 Microns
Paint Back 5 ~ 35 Microns
Color Coating All RAL Cards Color
Coating Type Top Painted : PVDF / HDP / SMP / PE / PU
Primer Painted : Polyurethane / Epoxy / PE
Back Painted : Epoxy / Modified Polyester

More details

Feature of the product
1.Outlook Beautiful and novel, rich colors, flexible combination, can be used in different building to express special original architectural styles in life
2.Surface have been treated as galvanized and color coated.so it can anti-rain,anti-fire,anti-quake,So it has a long term life as 20-30 year and color just not fade
3. Light weight: easy to transport the material,short the time to finish the building,reduce worker's hard work,save much time and energy for human beings
4 .Smooth surface treatment,the dust will be easy taken off by the rain
5. Environmental material,can be used many times,will do no hard to the our environment.
6. 1000 width,and 880 effective width or as your requirement,for easy set up .
7. Prime anti-fire application,which is confirmed by GB50222-95 as difficult to fire as B
8. Impact resistance, strength is 250-300 times of common glass,2-20times of tempered glass,
9. Energy saving: keep summer cool,winter warm.Heat insulation effect is higher 7%-25% than that of the common glass,then heat loss is greatly reduced.
10. insulation resistance: corrugated sheet with obvious effect of noisy.
11. Light in weight,and have very good beatification vision effect.

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