Introduction of metal tile waterproof and windproof



We all know that July and August are the rainy seasons in the country, and the heavy rain is a great test for the waterproof ability of the house. So how should roof metal tiles do waterproof work?

First: The quality of roofing metal tiles is the first priority. The material of the metal tile is 3003 series aluminum-manganese alloy, which is a compact type of composite material that tests the quality of the metal tile to prevent rust and rot. Then there is the cutting level of metal tiles. The edges of all tiles should be neat and consistent, which avoids water leakage caused by not being tightly connected during installation.

Second: the installation level of roof metal tiles. Many industries pay attention to the installation of three-point products and seven points, and metal tiles are no exception. Before the metal tile is installed, it is necessary to make the frame structure of the keel on the roof, and only in this way can the metal tile be flat and firm. It is both waterproof and resistant to the impact of strong winds.




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