Color Coated Rolls

Color-coated coils are light, beautiful and have good anti-corrosion properties, and can be directly processed. The colors are generally divided into gray-white, sea-blue and brick red. They are mainly used in advertising, construction, household appliances, electrical appliances, furniture and transportation. Industry. The paint used in the color-coated coil selects the appropriate resin according to the use environment, such as polyester silicon modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastisol, polyvinylidene chloride, etc. Users can choose according to the purpose.


Roof renovation, why do people like to use metal tiles?

Many friends are asking whether metal tiles can be used in the renovation of old houses. Today, I will talk about this problem for you. We all know that there are many types of building roof tiles on the market, and they are more mixed. It is also difficult for everyone to choose roof tiles. Why do people choose metal tiles as roof tiles for building roof renovation?


What are the advantages of metal composite tiles compared to other tiles

The construction of metal composite tiles is relatively simple and has the following steps. Clothing, food, housing and transportation are the basic requirements of people's lives. If the place to live cannot be guaranteed, how can we talk about national development? Roofing building materials are the top maintenance of the house, and the waterproof function is better. As a new type of building material, metal composite tiles should pay special attention to waterproofing. The specific advantages are as follows.


Introduction of metal tile waterproof and windproof

We all know that July and August are the rainy seasons in the country, and the heavy rain is a great test for the waterproof ability of the house. So how should roof metal tiles do waterproof work?


What are the points of attention in the construction of colored stone metal tiles?

It is true that the application effect of colored stone metal tiles is good, and the installation and construction are very convenient, so such metal tiles have also become the choice of many construction parties. The performance of metal tiles is good, and the durability is high and the service life is very long. It is indeed a good choice. However, there are still some points to pay attention to in daily construction that we cannot ignore.


Round steel

Classification by steel quality According to the quality of steel, it can be divided into ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon steel. (1) Ordinary carbon structural steel, also known as ordinary carbon steel, has wide restrictions on carbon content, performance range and content of phosphorus, sulfur and other residual elements. In China and some countries, it is divided into three categories according to the guaranteed conditions of delivery: Class A steel (Class A steel) is steel that guarantees mechanical properties. Type B steels (Type B steels) are steels with guaranteed chemical composition. Special steel (C-type steel) is a steel that guarantees both mechanical properties and chemical composition, and is often used to manufacture more important structural parts. China produces and uses the most A3 steel with a carbon content of about 0.20% (Class A No. 3 steel), which is mainly used for engineering structures.


What is the function of stainless steel pipe?

The heat treatment of stainless steel pipes is generally to reduce the grain boundary area, reduce hardness and toughness, and make the metal pipe more durable. For what happened, it is necessary to analyze the whole process of its thermal history. Heat treatment is generally in the latter step, and the temperature should not be too high.


Zhongxin Iron and Steel (Co., Ltd. Group Credit (referred to as Xin Group))

Zhongxin Iron and Steel (Co., Ltd. Group Credit (referred to as Xin Group)) was incorporated on March 17, 20, headquartered in Shandong Jinan Xinxin Group with a registered capital of 18), Shandong Chongxin Iron and Steel Enterprise Grade AAA.  Its subsidiaries include Chongxin Iron and Steel, Zhongyue Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Minmetals Group Mining Co., Ltd., Chongxin Group International Trade Co., Ltd., Kunchuang Group Real Estate Co., Ltd., Kunchuang Group Finance Co., Ltd., Kunchuang Financial Holdings (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.,  Shandong Refractory Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Iron and Steel Group Yongfeng Zi Co., Ltd., and Zibo Zhangbozhang Iron and Steel Group are enterprises integrating industry and trade. They have undertaken national-level projects: large enterprises, Shandong Olympic Sports Xinshan Xinxin Enterprise, etc.  Corporate holdings.  1 was rated as a local benchmark enterprise in 2020.


Steel pipe purchasing skills

How to choose the steel pipe 1. The color and luster are generally uniform, the inner and outer walls are smooth and flat, and there are no defects such as bubbles, depressions and impurities that affect the surface performance. 2. It depends on whether the logo on the product is complete. The steel pipe must have the manufacturer's name or trademark, production date, product name, specification size, implementation standard number, etc., and the steel pipe must have the product name, nominal outer diameter, pipe series S, etc. , the handwriting should be clear, and check whether the logo is consistent with the actual. 3. You should buy pipes and fittings of the same brand. Since the raw materials of products of different brands may be different, there will be unfavorable factors for the welding of pipes and fittings, and long-term use will cause leakage at the weld. 4. Good steel pipes have high strength rather than being broken, so the quality of steel pipes cannot be judged by whether they can be broken. Because the impact resistance of steel pipes is better than that of real steel pipes, steel pipes are easier to smash, and those that cannot be smashed are often steel pipes.

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