ST12 steel sheet

St12 is the cold steel plates under the standard of D2N 1623-(1)1983 cold rolled low carbon steel and strip. St12 cold steel mainly for commercial. St12 cold steel mainly for commercial. For the St12cold rolling steel and strip specification lists, the thickness of 0.3-3.5 mm and width from 120-1850 mm are all available by our company

SPCC Cold Rolled Steel Coil

SPCC is commonly used cold rolled carbon steel sheet and steel strip.

Q195 Cold Rolled Steel Coil

1. Width: 600-1000 mm 2. Thickness: 0.135-2.0 mm 3. Hardness: T2, T2.5, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, DR8, DR9 4. Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS 5. Grade: SGCC, SGCH, SGCE, SPCG, DX51D, 6. Technique: cold rolled 7. Coil weight: about 5--12 tons 8. Coil diameter: 508-1500 mm or as per customer's request

SPCE Cold Rolled Steel Coil

SPCE is suitable for deep drawing grade steel

ST16 Cold Rolled Steel Coil

ST16 is suitable for super deep drawing steel plate.

ST14 Cold Rolled Steel Coil

ST14 is cold rolled steel with deep tensile grade

DC03 Cold Rolled Steel Coil

DC03 is suitable for forming requirements such as Deep drawing and difficult profiles suitable

ST12 Cold Rolled Steel Coil

ST12 is German standard (DIN1623), It's ordinary cold rolled steel. In principle, ST12 can only be bent and formed, and no stamping is allowed.

DC04 Cold Rolled Steel Coil

DC04 is mainly used for deep drawing and simple metal stamping parts of daily necessities, such as auto parts, electrical products and other products with high ductility requirements.

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